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Your comfort level on a daily basis is highly dependent on the proper alignment of your spine and nervous system. When one or more vertebrae become misaligned due to stress, trauma or genetics, the resulting issue is known as subluxation. Technically defined as a partial separation or an altered biomechanical dynamic, subluxation can lead to a number of debilitating symptoms including radiating pain, stiffness, swelling and discomfort.

Typically a chiropractor will diagnose subluxation via a simple history and an examination. But locating the source of disturbances like these is only half the process – the other half is properly treating the bones and soft tissues to restore comfort and freedom of motion.

Treating Subluxation

The most common way that subluxations are treated is through manipulation and adjustment. Your chiropractor will ask you to sit, stand or lie prone on a chiropractic table so that pressure can be carefully applied. This pressure resolves the geometry of misaligned joints and tissues, helping restore blood flow and more comfortable movement. Resolving subluxation may take more than one treatment session, but most patients begin to show significant improvements within a matter of weeks.

If you have suffered with back pain, stiffness, headaches or soreness for too long and want to see an expert Albany chiropractor to resolve these symptoms, please contact our offices today.

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